Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 08

Watching the Laker game with the guys

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Sleeping Beauties

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tammy Brown and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day

or everything is harder as a mom.

A quick trip to the Dr.'s office turned into a visit to Sam's Club to fix a flat tire, and then a visit to discount tires to buy a new rim, and then a drive home on the spare tire because no one had the rim in stock. Add to that an overtired six week old who peed her way out of her only warm outfit, soaking her car seat in the process. Mix in some dirty looks from people at the tire store wondering what kind of mother would take her daughter out in this kind of weather only wearing a onsie Throw in a trip to Taco Bell that ended in me spilling my nachos all over myself and my car. What you end up with is an emotional beak down. Good thing Mom (that is my mom) is only a few blocks away. I need a nap.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Monday, December 15, 2008

More pictures of Maddie

We posted some new pictures of Maddie on Flicker.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/25310191@N07/sets/72157608851609681/

Here are some of my favorites.

We call this her" E.T." neck.  it mostly happens when she is not very happy and she makes her neck grow by about three inches.

Our first month

Maddie Day One

Maddie Day 36

Actually, it has been five weeks, but I never got around to posting last week.

I'm tired to the n'th degree but, I love being a mom.  Maddie is so beautiful and sweet.  I can hardly believe that Spencer and I had a hand in creating her.  Motherhood is both harder and easier than I thought it would be.  We have a wonderful support system and so that makes taking breaks easier that it would be easier, but then again there are no real breaks to being a parent.

I don't really have any wise insight into this parenthood role. Right now I am just managing from day to day, enjoying my beautiful princess while I change her, feed her and rock her to sleep.  She's growing so big already.  She's out of preemie clothes and  into newborn sizes. I know that to everyone else she is still tiny, but to me she is growing up too fast already.  I look forward to the years ahead, but I am a little sad that each day is a day we won't have again.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pictures of Maddie

My favorite picture of my Princess
Me and my girl!
Isn't she adorable?
"After Jenny Craig"
Daddy and Maddie
"I'm ready to go home now!"

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Madelyn Scout Brown's Birth Story

Well, this has been a very long week, but we made it through, and now we are home, safe and sound with a brand new addition to our family.

Baby Madelyn was due on Nov 28th, but because of my preeclampsia, the Dr decided that it was too dangerous to wait longer than my 37 weeks point in my pregnancy.

On Thursday, Nov 6th at 9pm, we entered the hospital to begin the induction process. As you can see from the picture on the left, I began the night with high hopes and a positive attitude.  Little did I know how long the road ahead of me would be.

At my last check up, my cervix was completely closed and long, and so I needed to start with a drug called Cervidil that would soften my cervix and hopefully begin my contractions.  The drug did start some contractions, but by morning, my cervix hadn’t changed at all.

At that point, I was moved downstairs to the labor and delivery and started on another drug called Cervedex. That one didn’t do anything at all. It didn’t even give me a single contraction. Several hours later, we moved on to try number three and I was give the “Big Daddy” drug Pitocin. Stike number 3. Late that night they tried the Cervidil again, which again gave me some contractions, but didn’t progress labor at all.

So, by Saturday morning, more than 24 hours after we started the process, my Cervix had not changed one bit. I wasn’t feeling any contractions, and nothing was working at all. Since it was the weekend, the Dr on call, transferred me back upstairs until he could consult with my Dr., and they could decide the next step. In the meantime, he decided to test my protein levels to see how my Preeclampsia was doing.

At this point Spencer and I were very frustrated. We had been sure that by Sat at the latest, we would be holding our little girl in our arms. A c-section was seeming like a stronger possibility, but all the Dr’s and nurses I spoke too said that it would be best to avoid one, due to my previous abdominal surgeries and the possibility of scar tissue getting in the way.

Sunday evening, I was given Cervedex one last time, and again it had no effect on me. I was beginning to think that I would be pregnant for the rest of my life! However, on Monday morning, the plan quickly changed. My test had come back, and my protein levels were over 11,000. Since they consider a level of over 300 bad, you can see why my numbers had them worried. A c-section was planned for later that day.

Amazingly enough, while I had hoped for a natural birth, I wasn’t disappointed with the news. I really felt that I had given my best effort, and in the end, it just wasn’t meant to be.

At about 5:30 they wheeled me into the O.R.. The c-section itself wasn’t to. bad. I just felt a few pulls and tugs. I just had to stop my mind from guessing what the Dr was doing. I really didn’t want to imagine him slicing me open, etc. It was a little annoying that the Doctors doing t
he procedure kept talking about football, golf, etc. the entire time. Didn’t they know that this was our special moment? Oh well, it didn’t last long, because exactly at 6pm, they pulled Madelyn out and we heard her cry. The Dr. told Spencer to stand up and look, something he wasn’t sure he had the stomach to do, but in a moment he did, and had his first glimpse of our daughter.

There was a scary moment when I heard a nurse ask the Dr. if she should get NICU, and he said yes. I was terrified that something was wrong with my little girl. It turned out that she came out with the cord wrapped twice around her neck and a huge knot in her cord. Fortunately, NICU wasn’t needed at all. Despite her small size (4lbs 14 ounces), she was perfectly formed and healthy.
The only problem left, was that it took almost 20 minutes for them to show he
r to me. Spencer had to take pictures of her on our camera and let me see them on the view screen so I could see our precious Madelyn.

Finally, they brought her over, wrapped up tight like a little baby burrito. She was so adorable. She kept blowing little air bubbles with her mouth. It was love at first sight. Spencer and I couldn’t take out eyes off of her. They placed her in my arms and let me hold her as they wheeled me to recovery. 

My entire body was shaking because of the surgery and anesthesia. All I could do was focus every bit of my energy towards holding my precious cargo as carefully as I could.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

She'll be here soon!

Tonight at 9m I am going to the hospital to begin the induction process.  They'll give me something called Cervidil that is supposed to soften the cervix and hopefully start contractions.  They may send me home for the night to labor there for a while or they may keep me.  It depends on the speed of the labor and my blood pressure.  From what friends and family have told me, the induction process could be super quick, like 4 hours or super long, like 48 hours.  I'm obviously hoping for the former.  There is a possibility of a c-section if I don't progress, or my blood pressure goes up significantly.  I'm trying not to have any specific expectations, because I know that the birthing process rarely goes according to any sort of laid out plan.

No matter what, in a very short time, I'm going to be a Mommy, and Spencer is going to be a Daddy!  Is it really possible that our lives are going to irrevocably change in a matter of hours from now?  I've been watching the Baby shows on TLC all day to get myself mentally prepared, but I don't think it will seem real until little Madelyn is in my arms.  I can't wait to meet her!

A new perspective

I already posted this on facebook, but since I use this blog as my journal, I wanted to post it here.  I wrote it yesterday morning, the day after the election.

A late night phone call...

Last night at around 10:10 pm our phone rang. Now as you imagine this conversation, I want you to imagine the thickest, most southern accent possible for the other woman in the conversation. As far as I can tell by her voice, she is an elderly black woman.

Me: Hello
Billy (name on caller ID): Martha?
Me: You have the wrong number
Billy: No I don't. Bomba won! Whoever you are! Bomba won! Bomba won!
Me: I know I just heard
Billy: I'm tryn' to call my Sister in Louisiana, cause Bomba won! i just need to tell someone! Bomba won!
Me: (Laughing) Congratulations
Billy: Were you already in bed?
Me: Yes
Billy: I'm sorry, but Bomba won!
Me: (Laughing some more.) That's Ok, Congratulations.
We then hang up.

Listen, Obama or as that sweet old black lady calls him , Bomba, was not my first choice to win last night. I don't agree with most of what he has planned for our country. However, I can't deny that I am excited by the fact that we now have our first minority president. Thee woman who called last night grew up in a time where a president who had the same color skin as her was an impossible dream. Maybe his accomplishment will inspire the minority children at my school to work a little harder, knowing that the ceiling they had always assumed existed, just isn't there anymore.  So while I'm not happy for myself at the results, maybe I can at least be happy for Billie.

I wish McCain had won, but I am going to see in the bright side in Obama's victory. America is stronger than one man. We survived Clinton, we'll survive Obama. Either he'll prove me wrong, and do a good job, or in four years we'll get someone better in there. America is going to be just fine.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lots of random stuff!

I got a hair cut!  What do you think?  It is quite a bit shorter than I asked for, but I like how it turned out anyway.

Last Saturday was my baby shower.  It was so much fun!  I, well, actually Madelyn, got lots of adorable pink clothes and other various adorable baby stuff.  She is going to be very stylish.

Last week we went to the Texas State Fair, twice!  The first time we ate all of the prerequisite fried food, like fried snickers, corn dogs, and a funnel cake.  We also went to the corniest show in the world, it was called "Dancing with the Dogs."  It was literally people doing various dances with their dogs to songs like "Thriller" and "We will Rock You."  Plus Spencer won Madelyn her very first stuffed animal!  The second time we went was to see Michelle Branch perform.  She is one of our favorite singers.  She even sang some new stuff off her upcoming album.

This week was my birthday.  I am now officially of "Advanced Maternal Age."  Ugh.  I hate when the doctor calls me that!  It was a good birthday though, Spencer got me the best present ever, a Kindle!  If you don't know what it is, look it up on Amazon.  It is the most amazing device ever.  I feel really spoiled!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The preggo returns

I know I haven't written lately, but every time I try to compose something, it mostly feels like I am whining about the uncomfortableness that is pregnancy.  But, then again, maybe I just need to get it all out, right?

I cannot believe how many ways being pregnant affects your body.  I mean, I knew about the weight gain, the hormones, and the frequent peeing, but that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Who knew...
that my eyesight would be blurry
my feet and ankles would swell up like balloons
a sneeze could make me pee my pants
I would become a klutz
...and forgetful
Sleeping on my side could be so painful
My skin would grow weird bumps
That a 3 pound baby could pinch so many nerves

However, I do love to feel her moving inside me, even when it tickles, pinches, or downright hurts.  She is a part of me in a way that she will never be again.  It is pretty cool.  Although, I'm hoping that selective amnesia that I have been told by Moms in the know will kick in after she comes, or she may just be an only child!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Some of my favorite people in the whole wide world came to visit us this week, my Auntie Donna, My Cousin Diana, and her daughter, Gail.

I have literally been beaming for days now.  They are so much fun.  The five memories that I will take away from this visit are: 

1.  Going to First Monday Trade Days and seeing Diana go ga-ga for all the beautiful handmade furniture
2.  Getting to know Gail for the first time, and having Diana say that she thinks Gail looks like me, which is an
 awesome compliment, because Gail is gorgeous! She is also really funny and sweet.
3.  Eating lots of fattening foods together.
4.  Showing off our neighborhood.
5.  Talking, talking, and more talking.

OK, we are ready for more visitors!  Who's Next?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Three Years!

Yesterday was our three-year anniversary.  We went to dinner down at the beautiful Rockwall Harbor.

I don't know, I feel like I should do some sappy posting about the last the three years, and how lucky I am to be married to a man like Spencer, but I feel like I have already said it so many times.  Who wants to hear it again?

I will just say this.  I have never been so happy.  No.  I have never been so full of joy as I have been since I met Spencer.  More nights than not, I lay awake after Spencer has gone to sleep ( I can't fall asleep in five minutes like he can), and I literally feel so much joy, that I start giggling, right there in bed.  Then he does something like the famous sleep kisses, and I have a hard time stopping smiling so I  can actually go to sleep.

I love my husband.  I love my baby.  I am so grateful that we get to be an eternal family.

Oh look, I got sappy anyway.

Monday, July 14, 2008


So, we have been trying to decide on our little Princess's name, but it is not easy!  So far we have narrowed it down to six names that we like.  I've put them on a poll to the right.  Vote on the one you like best, although in the end, we will choose the one we like the best, of course.  Feel free to explain why you like the name you chose in the comments, or suggest a new one that we haven't though of yet.  You can say negative comments about the names too, but remember, we might choose the one you don't like, and ... well.. let's just say that it isn't a good idea to provoke a mama bear.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Go Team! (or Yea, Baseball)

For FHE last night, Spencer and I decided to go to the Texas Rangers/ Angel's Game.  Since we are actually Dodger's fans, we had the luxury of rooting for both teams, so no matter who won, we were happy.  The ballpark has a restaurant behind second base that we like to go to about half way through the game.  We can sit in air-conditioned luxury and watch the game from our table.  It is a nice break from the loud, obnoxious fans. 

Oh, and since Trena specifically asked for it, here is a picture of my pregnant belly in all its glory.  The nice thing is that I have finally gotten myself to stop trying to suck in my stomach and have accepted my beautiful round figure.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Whew... I am tired!  We had a great Fourth of July, although we pretty much didn't stop moving all day.  

We started with a Pancake Breakfast at the ward building (sorry, no pictures because I was too busy making sure it was running smoothly).

Then Spencer and I went to a bunch of Fourth of July sales, including the one at Fry's which turns out ended on the THIRD of July (alway
s read the small print on Fry's ads).

Then we went to Tracy's house for a barbeque, with lots of delicious Carne Asada.  Yum

Next, we headed over to the block party a bunch of our neighbors organized.  It was great.  We probably had about sixty-seventy people show up.  A bunch of the men got out their grills and smokers and made brisket, sausage, chicken and burgers.  We blocked off the street and the kids rode their bikes and played basketball.  It seriously felt like a slice of the '50s.  It is so great to live in a neighborhood that has so many families and kids.  

We even brought out the Bocce ball set (or as the French, and Spencer call it, Boules).
Finally, we headed back to Tracy's house and set off fireworks.  We live in an unincorporated part of the city and so pretty much all types of fireworks are legal.  Imagine the types that are normally set off by cities, or professional organizations, and then imagine all your neighbors setting them off all over your housing development.  It sounded like a war zone, but it looked awesome.  My camera has a fireworks mode, and I got some great pictures of the action.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Introducing Princess Peanut!

Yep, that's right. My stubborn genes won out in the end. We are having a girl!

I ams so happy!  It isn't just that we having a girl, I would have been just as happy with a boy, but now I can finally truly believe what is happening to us.  I can picture our little family in my mind.  I see a precious little girl wrapping Spencer around her little finger, I see her being Daddy's little girl, I see me teaching my daughter how to become a strong woman.  I feel like I have waited for this for such a long time.  It is so great that it is finally here.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

That's my Dad! I love my Dad!

The other day I met the new missionary in the ward. To help him place me in the ward family tree, I told him that I was the daughter of Brother Inman, the man who had picked him up from the mission home. “”Brother Inman?" He said. "You mean my favorite guy in the whole world!”

That’s my Dad. If you have met him, he is probably one of your favorite guys as well. He is kind, and sweet, and funny, and generous, and hard-working, and one of the coolest guys around. 

I didn’t always know how cool he was. I remember when he used to drive me to school in his old carpet cleaning van. It was old, rusty and kind of smelly, and I hated being driven to school in it. I would ask to be dropped off a a few blocks away, and when he wouldn’t do that, I would scrunch down as small as possible and try to sneak out of the van without anyone seeing me. Until of course, he caught on and began honking his horn, pointing at me and shouting “That’s my girl! I love that girl!” when I got out of the van.

Many years later, I realize that is one of the reasons he is so cool. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he didn’t want me to either. He taught me that what other people think of you doesn’t matter, what you think of yourself does.

He is the most selfless and generous person I know. During my several hospitals stays over the past few years he made it his personal mission to take care of me. He would arrive early in the morning, and stay until Spencer arrived after work. When I got up to use the bathroom, or take a walk in the hall, I would return to find my bed remade. All this he did despite his own personal aches and pains.

He is a great missionary too. One time as I was driving to the East Coast, he drove with me as far as Arkansas and then took a bus home (see what I mean about being selfless). On the bus he met a gang member who had just been released from prison. He then proceeded to teach this man about the atonement, and when the man said that he could never be forgiven for the terrible things he had done, my Dad said “You’re wrong. Don’t you dare say that. Jesus’s atonement is for everyone.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would have the nerve to tell a hardened ex-con he was wrong about anything.

I could go on for hours about my Dad and how wonderful he is, but for now, I will just honk my imaginary horn and shout at the top of my lungs, “That’s my Dad! I love my Dad!”

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More about my Wii Fit

This is my Mii on the Wii Fit.  Notice the little belly pooch?  If it wasn't mirrored almost exactly on the real me, I might be offended.

I have been having so much fun on this thing.  I just unlocked the boxing mode and am learning to throw some serious punching combos.

This is my nephew, I'll call him Jak-X.  He came over tonight to play the Wii Fit and racked up about 35 minutes of exercise.  He is probably the biggest reason I am such a huge fan of this game. If he had his way, he would sit on the couch playing video games or watching TV for 18 hours a day (of course, my sister doesn't allow that to happen).  At least on the Wii Fit, he gets to play some games and get some exercise as well.
BTW, this picture is of him doing the Hula Hoop exercise.  Notice the tongue?  I do the exact same thing when I am concentrating.   He is such a fun kid. He calls my baby in utero "Princess Peanut."