Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas at the Brown's home

Every year just gets better and better. We had a great Christmas! Here we are, in front of the fireplace, getting ready to open our stockings on Christmas Eve.

Spencer loved all his presents, the car radio and the Nintendo DS Zelda edition, but his true inner child came out when he got his Nerf skeet shooter set.

I loved my presents too. I got lots of great Disney stuff, games and even a cute nightie from my hubby!

The next morning we went over to my sister's house for breakfast  and to my parent's house for an early Christmas dinner.  Then we went and saw National Treasure 2 with some good friends.

Later we went to Adam and Nikki's house and were introduced to a great new game called Blokus.  I think we will definitely be adding it to our collection.  Their daughter Maggie was already in bed, but we had come over a few days before and given her her present.  She loved her barrel of monkeys!

Here they are playing their favorite game "Where's your armpit?"

I feel so immensely blessed in my life.  We have wonderful family and friends that add to every season throughout the year.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Mr. Sub Commercial

Oh... my.. gooodness.. this is hilarious! I guess it was an actual commercial in Canada. Those Canucks are funnier than people give them credit for!

Friday, December 21, 2007

A New Favorite Thing

Christmas Carolers! These are the cute kids from the ward who came to serenade us on Wednesday. Watching them giggle and squirm as they tried to remember the words to the songs brought back many fond memories from when I was young.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


When I saw this video I couldn't stop laughing. It's funny because it's true! My man defies most male stereotypes, but when it comes to getting sick, he is just one of the guys.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Favorite Things

I adore Christmas. From the day after Thanksgiving until the new year begins, a spirit overtakes me, bringing grins, and songs and a general jubilant feeling to my life. Here are my ten favorite things about the merriest season of the year.

1. Twinkling lights: Sitting in a big comfy chair in front of my Christmas tree and its 1000+ lights brings me to a meditative, dare I say even an enlightened state. I can’t help but think of my blessings that outnumber even the lights on my tree as I reflect upon the last year and dream of the year to come
2. The smell of a Christmas tree: Tempted as I might be by the convenience, this girl doesn’t do fake. Everyday as I enter my home, my spirits lighten and I stop to take an even deeper whiff of Christmas. (and to my sister, I say- No, pine scented air freshener is not the same.
3. Buying presents: I know everyone doesn’t agree with this favorite, but I love buying gifts for other people. It takes me out of the me, me, me mentality I have the rest of the year and allows me to focus on others.
4. Christmas songs on the radio 24/7: For most of the year I listen to talk radio, but at Christmas time, I listen to Christmas music. I even sing along, albeit in my car, with the windows rolled up. I wouldn’t want to ruin anyone else’s Christmas spirit with my singing!
5. Nativity sets: We haven’t found the right one for our home yet, but I love seeing the different shapes, sizes and colors. It tells me that people of all sizes, shapes and colors have felt the Savior’s influence in their lives.
6. Baked goods: Or if I am too lazy or busy to bake, the smell of my sugar cookie candle.
7. Peppermint puffs: Spencer laughs at me every time I head to the mantle to snatch myself one, but these are too good to save just for company
8. Gingerbread houses: Since my fine art skills are lacking, I love to make these with a niece or nephew, so any imperfections can be blamed on them.
9. Christmas at Disneyland: Since I won’t get to see it this year, I will move on before I cry.
10. Family: Around the holidays, family becomes even more dear and precious.

My Tree