Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Favorite Things

I adore Christmas. From the day after Thanksgiving until the new year begins, a spirit overtakes me, bringing grins, and songs and a general jubilant feeling to my life. Here are my ten favorite things about the merriest season of the year.

1. Twinkling lights: Sitting in a big comfy chair in front of my Christmas tree and its 1000+ lights brings me to a meditative, dare I say even an enlightened state. I can’t help but think of my blessings that outnumber even the lights on my tree as I reflect upon the last year and dream of the year to come
2. The smell of a Christmas tree: Tempted as I might be by the convenience, this girl doesn’t do fake. Everyday as I enter my home, my spirits lighten and I stop to take an even deeper whiff of Christmas. (and to my sister, I say- No, pine scented air freshener is not the same.
3. Buying presents: I know everyone doesn’t agree with this favorite, but I love buying gifts for other people. It takes me out of the me, me, me mentality I have the rest of the year and allows me to focus on others.
4. Christmas songs on the radio 24/7: For most of the year I listen to talk radio, but at Christmas time, I listen to Christmas music. I even sing along, albeit in my car, with the windows rolled up. I wouldn’t want to ruin anyone else’s Christmas spirit with my singing!
5. Nativity sets: We haven’t found the right one for our home yet, but I love seeing the different shapes, sizes and colors. It tells me that people of all sizes, shapes and colors have felt the Savior’s influence in their lives.
6. Baked goods: Or if I am too lazy or busy to bake, the smell of my sugar cookie candle.
7. Peppermint puffs: Spencer laughs at me every time I head to the mantle to snatch myself one, but these are too good to save just for company
8. Gingerbread houses: Since my fine art skills are lacking, I love to make these with a niece or nephew, so any imperfections can be blamed on them.
9. Christmas at Disneyland: Since I won’t get to see it this year, I will move on before I cry.
10. Family: Around the holidays, family becomes even more dear and precious.


Miss Millie said...

LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU! Thanks for a greattt night tonight and for being such a good, kind, friend. I need that in my life!