Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If nothing else, at least they've learned to pray

This picture was taken by a teacher at my school who was clearing out the memory of the calculators the students used yesterday for the Math section of the TAKS test.  For those of you not from texas, TAKS is our version of the high stakes testing that has completely taken over our nation.  There is much I could say on this subject, but really, I think this picture says it all.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's a...

peanut!  Or at least that is what it kind of looks like right now.  We got to see and hear the heartbeat.  It was nice and strong.  I think it has finally hit me that I really am pregnant!  The due date is Dcc 5th.  A few things did come back from my bloodwork that will make this a high risk pregnancy, so my OB has referred me to a specialist who will see me for the rest of my pregnancy It is nothing too worrying, but I am glad they are on top of things and will be prepared for any future problems.   I'll deliver at Baylor Dallas, which is a great hospital.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Reason 132 Why Homeschooling isn't Such a Bad Idea

Yesterday I got into a debate with several of my students who were insisting that 9-11 was a government plot, Alkieda doesn't exist, and other such nonsense.  When I asked them how they could possibly believe this, they said "Oh, Coach Williams taught us all about this in our National Security class."  They then proceeded to let me know that the moon landing was faked as well, as per Coach Williams.

Yep, this is what your tax dollars pay for.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This is your brain on sugar

So, read this story.  Aren't you glad that such a hardened criminal is being properly dealt with?  All I have to say is that I totally saw it coming.  I wrote this short story about four years ago at the Clarion writing workshop in Michigan.  It's called Sweet Stuff.  Just to warn you, my fellow workshop participants saw it as a disguised argument for the legalization of drugs.  I say it is just about candy (sorry about the formatting issues, it's a google docs thing).