Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If nothing else, at least they've learned to pray

This picture was taken by a teacher at my school who was clearing out the memory of the calculators the students used yesterday for the Math section of the TAKS test.  For those of you not from texas, TAKS is our version of the high stakes testing that has completely taken over our nation.  There is much I could say on this subject, but really, I think this picture says it all.


Anne said...

I LOVE your commentary on the education system. It makes me feel better about my life all the time!

Trena said...

That is SO awesome. How funny!! I guess it's better than boobs or some other things you can write on your calculator.

Pixie said...

LOL. We used to use those to pass notes in class. I'm with you on the freaking testing thing though. GAG! It is one of the many reasons I'm not going into teaching now. Maybe someday when all that STUFF has cleared up (and I'm a mommy).