Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The preggo returns

I know I haven't written lately, but every time I try to compose something, it mostly feels like I am whining about the uncomfortableness that is pregnancy.  But, then again, maybe I just need to get it all out, right?

I cannot believe how many ways being pregnant affects your body.  I mean, I knew about the weight gain, the hormones, and the frequent peeing, but that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Who knew...
that my eyesight would be blurry
my feet and ankles would swell up like balloons
a sneeze could make me pee my pants
I would become a klutz
...and forgetful
Sleeping on my side could be so painful
My skin would grow weird bumps
That a 3 pound baby could pinch so many nerves

However, I do love to feel her moving inside me, even when it tickles, pinches, or downright hurts.  She is a part of me in a way that she will never be again.  It is pretty cool.  Although, I'm hoping that selective amnesia that I have been told by Moms in the know will kick in after she comes, or she may just be an only child!