Thursday, November 06, 2008

A new perspective

I already posted this on facebook, but since I use this blog as my journal, I wanted to post it here.  I wrote it yesterday morning, the day after the election.

A late night phone call...

Last night at around 10:10 pm our phone rang. Now as you imagine this conversation, I want you to imagine the thickest, most southern accent possible for the other woman in the conversation. As far as I can tell by her voice, she is an elderly black woman.

Me: Hello
Billy (name on caller ID): Martha?
Me: You have the wrong number
Billy: No I don't. Bomba won! Whoever you are! Bomba won! Bomba won!
Me: I know I just heard
Billy: I'm tryn' to call my Sister in Louisiana, cause Bomba won! i just need to tell someone! Bomba won!
Me: (Laughing) Congratulations
Billy: Were you already in bed?
Me: Yes
Billy: I'm sorry, but Bomba won!
Me: (Laughing some more.) That's Ok, Congratulations.
We then hang up.

Listen, Obama or as that sweet old black lady calls him , Bomba, was not my first choice to win last night. I don't agree with most of what he has planned for our country. However, I can't deny that I am excited by the fact that we now have our first minority president. Thee woman who called last night grew up in a time where a president who had the same color skin as her was an impossible dream. Maybe his accomplishment will inspire the minority children at my school to work a little harder, knowing that the ceiling they had always assumed existed, just isn't there anymore.  So while I'm not happy for myself at the results, maybe I can at least be happy for Billie.

I wish McCain had won, but I am going to see in the bright side in Obama's victory. America is stronger than one man. We survived Clinton, we'll survive Obama. Either he'll prove me wrong, and do a good job, or in four years we'll get someone better in there. America is going to be just fine.


The Roberts' Report said...

That's like THE BEST late night phone call EVER!!!