Thursday, November 06, 2008

She'll be here soon!

Tonight at 9m I am going to the hospital to begin the induction process.  They'll give me something called Cervidil that is supposed to soften the cervix and hopefully start contractions.  They may send me home for the night to labor there for a while or they may keep me.  It depends on the speed of the labor and my blood pressure.  From what friends and family have told me, the induction process could be super quick, like 4 hours or super long, like 48 hours.  I'm obviously hoping for the former.  There is a possibility of a c-section if I don't progress, or my blood pressure goes up significantly.  I'm trying not to have any specific expectations, because I know that the birthing process rarely goes according to any sort of laid out plan.

No matter what, in a very short time, I'm going to be a Mommy, and Spencer is going to be a Daddy!  Is it really possible that our lives are going to irrevocably change in a matter of hours from now?  I've been watching the Baby shows on TLC all day to get myself mentally prepared, but I don't think it will seem real until little Madelyn is in my arms.  I can't wait to meet her!


MT said...

GOOD LUCK!!! Even the second time, it didn't feel real until the baby was in my arms!

The Roberts' Report said...

I agree, it NEVER feels real until you see them and hold them and kiss them and change stinky poop diapers!! ;)
I can't wait to see her too. I bet she'll be the prettiest kid EVER!! I'm glad you're being laid back about the process. Just go with the flow!! But remember to challenge the DR and try to bargain for more time before you opt for the C. Call if you need something! Like a shake from SONIC!! ;)

Melinda said...

is she here? :)