Saturday, November 15, 2008

Madelyn Scout Brown's Birth Story

Well, this has been a very long week, but we made it through, and now we are home, safe and sound with a brand new addition to our family.

Baby Madelyn was due on Nov 28th, but because of my preeclampsia, the Dr decided that it was too dangerous to wait longer than my 37 weeks point in my pregnancy.

On Thursday, Nov 6th at 9pm, we entered the hospital to begin the induction process. As you can see from the picture on the left, I began the night with high hopes and a positive attitude.  Little did I know how long the road ahead of me would be.

At my last check up, my cervix was completely closed and long, and so I needed to start with a drug called Cervidil that would soften my cervix and hopefully begin my contractions.  The drug did start some contractions, but by morning, my cervix hadn’t changed at all.

At that point, I was moved downstairs to the labor and delivery and started on another drug called Cervedex. That one didn’t do anything at all. It didn’t even give me a single contraction. Several hours later, we moved on to try number three and I was give the “Big Daddy” drug Pitocin. Stike number 3. Late that night they tried the Cervidil again, which again gave me some contractions, but didn’t progress labor at all.

So, by Saturday morning, more than 24 hours after we started the process, my Cervix had not changed one bit. I wasn’t feeling any contractions, and nothing was working at all. Since it was the weekend, the Dr on call, transferred me back upstairs until he could consult with my Dr., and they could decide the next step. In the meantime, he decided to test my protein levels to see how my Preeclampsia was doing.

At this point Spencer and I were very frustrated. We had been sure that by Sat at the latest, we would be holding our little girl in our arms. A c-section was seeming like a stronger possibility, but all the Dr’s and nurses I spoke too said that it would be best to avoid one, due to my previous abdominal surgeries and the possibility of scar tissue getting in the way.

Sunday evening, I was given Cervedex one last time, and again it had no effect on me. I was beginning to think that I would be pregnant for the rest of my life! However, on Monday morning, the plan quickly changed. My test had come back, and my protein levels were over 11,000. Since they consider a level of over 300 bad, you can see why my numbers had them worried. A c-section was planned for later that day.

Amazingly enough, while I had hoped for a natural birth, I wasn’t disappointed with the news. I really felt that I had given my best effort, and in the end, it just wasn’t meant to be.

At about 5:30 they wheeled me into the O.R.. The c-section itself wasn’t to. bad. I just felt a few pulls and tugs. I just had to stop my mind from guessing what the Dr was doing. I really didn’t want to imagine him slicing me open, etc. It was a little annoying that the Doctors doing t
he procedure kept talking about football, golf, etc. the entire time. Didn’t they know that this was our special moment? Oh well, it didn’t last long, because exactly at 6pm, they pulled Madelyn out and we heard her cry. The Dr. told Spencer to stand up and look, something he wasn’t sure he had the stomach to do, but in a moment he did, and had his first glimpse of our daughter.

There was a scary moment when I heard a nurse ask the Dr. if she should get NICU, and he said yes. I was terrified that something was wrong with my little girl. It turned out that she came out with the cord wrapped twice around her neck and a huge knot in her cord. Fortunately, NICU wasn’t needed at all. Despite her small size (4lbs 14 ounces), she was perfectly formed and healthy.
The only problem left, was that it took almost 20 minutes for them to show he
r to me. Spencer had to take pictures of her on our camera and let me see them on the view screen so I could see our precious Madelyn.

Finally, they brought her over, wrapped up tight like a little baby burrito. She was so adorable. She kept blowing little air bubbles with her mouth. It was love at first sight. Spencer and I couldn’t take out eyes off of her. They placed her in my arms and let me hold her as they wheeled me to recovery. 

My entire body was shaking because of the surgery and anesthesia. All I could do was focus every bit of my energy towards holding my precious cargo as carefully as I could.


Niki The Weav said...

What a story. That is more difficult than going through labor if you ask me. I am so happy Maddie is here and healthy. I bet it feels good to be back home after a week in the hospital

Anonymous said...

So happy for you guys! Yeah, It's Happy Maddy day. We should make it Happy Maddie Month!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Yeah I am glad that all turned out right! The birth process is scary enough with a healthy baby - I can't imagine hearing that something may be wrong!?! You can thank the umblical knot on Daddy! He too had a knot when he was born...

Trena said...

She is SO cute! I wish I lived close to you so I could see her and help you out. You seem like you are doing fabulous. I'm soooo happy for you and Spencer!