Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More about my Wii Fit

This is my Mii on the Wii Fit.  Notice the little belly pooch?  If it wasn't mirrored almost exactly on the real me, I might be offended.

I have been having so much fun on this thing.  I just unlocked the boxing mode and am learning to throw some serious punching combos.

This is my nephew, I'll call him Jak-X.  He came over tonight to play the Wii Fit and racked up about 35 minutes of exercise.  He is probably the biggest reason I am such a huge fan of this game. If he had his way, he would sit on the couch playing video games or watching TV for 18 hours a day (of course, my sister doesn't allow that to happen).  At least on the Wii Fit, he gets to play some games and get some exercise as well.
BTW, this picture is of him doing the Hula Hoop exercise.  Notice the tongue?  I do the exact same thing when I am concentrating.   He is such a fun kid. He calls my baby in utero "Princess Peanut."


Trena said...

Okay - that is the funniest picture! I love how intensely he is concentrating! I need to get one.

Pixie said...

We're getting one as soon as that stimulus check gets here (we're in the LAST release in JULY!!). I tried a friend's out and while I found my little person too fat, I agree, it's the truth. The only problem is it keeps telling my my balance is too far back... it's because my boobs are so big!!