Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Whew... I am tired!  We had a great Fourth of July, although we pretty much didn't stop moving all day.  

We started with a Pancake Breakfast at the ward building (sorry, no pictures because I was too busy making sure it was running smoothly).

Then Spencer and I went to a bunch of Fourth of July sales, including the one at Fry's which turns out ended on the THIRD of July (alway
s read the small print on Fry's ads).

Then we went to Tracy's house for a barbeque, with lots of delicious Carne Asada.  Yum

Next, we headed over to the block party a bunch of our neighbors organized.  It was great.  We probably had about sixty-seventy people show up.  A bunch of the men got out their grills and smokers and made brisket, sausage, chicken and burgers.  We blocked off the street and the kids rode their bikes and played basketball.  It seriously felt like a slice of the '50s.  It is so great to live in a neighborhood that has so many families and kids.  

We even brought out the Bocce ball set (or as the French, and Spencer call it, Boules).
Finally, we headed back to Tracy's house and set off fireworks.  We live in an unincorporated part of the city and so pretty much all types of fireworks are legal.  Imagine the types that are normally set off by cities, or professional organizations, and then imagine all your neighbors setting them off all over your housing development.  It sounded like a war zone, but it looked awesome.  My camera has a fireworks mode, and I got some great pictures of the action.


Trena said...

Ya, ya, that's great Tammy - but what we really want to see is a picture of your pregnant belly!! :P

Pixie said...

Those are fun shots! You should really checkout (Trena's sister-in-law runs it).

It's a great blog that teaches methods of perfecting your photography. Their biggest thing is to READ THE MANUAL so you know what settings your camera has... like yours has fireworks! That's a freaking cool feature if you ask me! :)

The Roberts' Report said...

I love that Larry and Syd are in the background chillin' at your family party! FUNNY!!