Friday, March 14, 2008

Take Flight with Eoin Colfer’s Airman

As my friends all know, I read a lot. I thought that it would be fun to write reviews of the books I am reading. Most of them will probably be YA books because I get the majority of them from out school library. Here's my first review...

From page one, Eoin Colfer’s book Airman, is well written and an interesting read, but on page 111, it soars. Reminiscent of The Count of Monte Cristo, but not so melodramatic, Airman is a fast moving, exciting adventure of a tale. Young Connor Broekhart was born to fly, or to be specific, he was born flying. In a hot air balloon, above the Paris World Fair, his destiny as the Airman is sealed. As a boy, he lives a pleasant life, friend to a Princess and student of a gifted airman. Yet, it is all thrown into chaos when he is apparently abandoned by his friends and family and left to rot in a prison island as an accused traitor to the King. Surprisingly, it is in this hellish place, performing brutish and dangerous tasks, that he sets on the path that will make his dream of building an air machine a reality. What kind of brilliance allows a young boy to escape his prison by air? The answer is found in Airman.

I think that this book will especially appeal to boys ages 11-14, although since girls will usually read books with male protagonists, they would probably enjoy it too. It would also make a great read aloud book for younger ages.