Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Calling

I'm been dying to announce this on my blog all week, and now I finally can.  I have been called as the Activity Chairperson for the ward.  I know that this is the calling that many people dread, but it is the exact one that I have been wanting.  Out ward just split and we have a great chance to start fresh and really form some ward unity and togetherness.  I am so excited that I get to be a part of that.  I also think that ward activities are the best place for us to do missionary work.

My plan is to do about one activity a month.  Some will be big events that take a lot of planning and some will be small, like watching a movie in someone's backyard.  I would like 1-2 activities a year to be adult only.  I also want at least one activity to be a service project.

I thought I'd share some of my ideas.  These are a combination of things I have thought of, done before, or heard of another ward doing.  We won't be able to do them all, but I like starting with lots of ideas and then whittling down to the best ideas later.  Let me know which ideas you like best, or give me new ones.

Big Activity Ideas

Night on the Town- The night begins in Cooks Cantina featuring The Forney Follies (about ½ hour of entertainment provided by the auxiliaries), then moves on to The Bishop Boogie (featuring fun music, disco dance lessons, and the Bishop in a 70’s leisure suit), finally, we end at the Smith’s Sweet Shoppe where we enjoy chocolate fountains and dipping stuff.  This is all done in different parts of the church.

King of the Hill- Takes place the day before Father’s Day. At this event we celebrate fathers, sons, brothers, etc. We have a chili dogs and nachos for food. Games include children “shaving” their fathers with whipped cream and popsicle sticks.

Ward Olympics- We could have this around the same time as the Beijing Olympics. Various indiviual and family events would be held. At the end we would have an awards ceremony with medals.

Pioneer Day Celebration: For several months before this event we will collectively walk (or bike ride) the 1280 miles from Nauvoo to Salt Lake Valley. On July 26th we will have a Welcome to the Valley Celebration

Halloween Carnival: Carnival booths for the kids, lots of Candy, and a trickster alley

Murder Mystery Dinner: Participants are put in group's of eight to solve a mystery. The twist at the end is that it is an actual event from the BOM.

FHE for Dummies: Workshops are held to give parents ideas for FHE. Children are in the primary room preparing their own lesson to give. (could be done as a fireside instead)

Un-birthday party: We celebrate everyone’s birthday at once with classic birthday game like musical chairs, piñatas, pin the tale on the donkey, as well as birthday cake and ice cream. Maybe have a white elephant gift exchange.

Cinco de Mayo: Everyone brings a Mexican dish. We have music, dancing and a piñata.

Bleed and Feed: Host a community blood drive and have dinner

Academy Awards: Auxiliaries and families film short movies (maybe scenes from the scriptures?). We have a red carpet, a viewing of the movies and an awards ceremony.

Reality Show Night: Fear Factor, Survivor, Iron Chef, Amazing Race

Christmas ideas:
A Night in Bethlehem: Families receive tax notices and come to Bethlehem. They bring the own blankets and wear robes and eat food that the Savior would have eaten. A nativity play is performed.
Christmas Around the World:
Christmas in Nauvoo

Mini Activity Ideas
Game Nights (whole family or adult only)
Back to school banana split social
Backyard Movie Night
Guess Who’s Coming to BBQ?- Families sign up to host a BBQ at their house. They do not know who will be coming. People are given an address, with no name, to go to on the night of the event. Each family brings own meat to BBQ and a side dish to share.
Picnic in the park
Attend one of Rockwall’s summer concerts by the water.


Anne said...

I'm moving to TX just so I can be in your ward! Sounds corny, but we just had a square dance and it was HUGE fun! We also have a road clean up service project every memorial day with the bishopric making breakfast for everyone. Just some ideas. Have fun!

Trena said...

You and Aaron are the only ones who LOVE to do Activities! You are going to do a great job! We wish we were in your ward. Those activities sound sooo much fun. I'm totally jealous! Good luck!