Thursday, January 24, 2008

just call me the Happy Hypochondriac

The hypochondriac part comes from the complete melt down I had yesterday when I was absolutely sure that I was getting sick again, would have to have surgery and basically have my world fall down around me.  The happy part comes from taking a half day of work, going to the doctor, getting an xray and having him tell me that I definitely am not forming another blockage, and that the preventative measures I've been taking seem to be working.  Whew!  Good thing Spencer loves me even when I am being totally irrational.


theweav's said...

Tammy, you should have told me you had to go to the doctor and were having a hard day. I could have taken the kids somewhere else! Thanks a bunch for watching them though, you are a blessing in our lives, and not just because you watch my kids. Don't feel bad though if you can't watch them.

I hope you are feeling better and reassured by your doctor. I also have a list of recipes I need to send you so you can tell me which ones sound good and which ones you would hate. Love you.