Monday, February 04, 2008

The games we play

      Games anyone? 
If you know anything about us, you probably know that we love games, board games, video games, mind games.. oh wait, scratch the last one.  This is a picture of our game shelf in the garage.

Some of our favorite games are 
Settlers of Catan
Apples to Apples
Scrabble (my favorite because I always win)
Risk (Spencer's favorite because he always wins)

Games we don't have but hope to eventually buy
Uno Attack
Knights and Cities of Catan
What are your favorite games, and can we come to your house and play them? 
No, seriously, invite us over to play games!  We are really fun, I promise!  And I promise that if I am totally kicking your trash in a game, I will get a few questions wrong on purpose, not so that you will actually win, but at least you won't be totally trounced by my superior game playing skills!


Anne said...

Since you have Catan, I suppose I can call you a real gamer. Ahhh, but there is so much more. Ticket to Ride, Power Grid, Puerto Rico...just to name a few. Do you have the Catan Card game yet? It is a bit more antagonistic, but it is two player...our marriage has survived it so far! And you can consider this an official invitation to come and play with us!

Sariah said...

I'm a Catan fan and Ticket to Ride. I've heard good things about Blokus. Christopher loves Risk. He's really good at it too. I'm sure he would love to play with Spencer. Sadly, we haven't had a game night in a loooooong time. When the kids get well again (we have the flu right now) we should totally do a game night!

The Weav's said...

Hey girl! We are always up for games even though you know I always loose, except Blokus, I like that one, of course I like the ones I lose too and I am a good loser.

Trena said...

You guys seriously are the board game champions! We totally miss playing with you and Spencer. But watch out, because Spencer cheats! (remember monopoly??)

Jan said...

Funny you did this post. I just posted a shout out on games and got at least 26 suggestions. You mentions the Catan game. Never heard of it but curious. Blokus came in at the number one shout out. And Ticket to Ride was right up there.

Lindsey said...

Tammy! I found you on Anne's site! Fun to see what you are up to. Ticket to Ride is our Favorite game right now. We played almost every night for 4 months. I got kind of sick of it, but we love it!