Sunday, February 03, 2008


Our special place!
Where price is no limit..
and entertainment abounds!

Seriously?  Why do we always end up in Walmart on Saturday night?  And why do we always spend too much money there?  Is it an addiction?  Or are we finally becoming true Texans?


Pixie said...

Possibly, but I think it's because you're Mormon & married. LOL We've had many a date walking through WalMart or Target. It usually ends with buying a movie (or 3) and going home to watch it.

Trena said...

If I lived next to a super Walmart, I would be there every weekend too. I'm jealous you have one. Stupid, liberal California!

Camille said...

uhm this is pretty much the hot spot, I tell you what!!!!

and this post totally had me cracking up!!

Sariah said...

I laughed so hard at this post! Maybe b.c it rings true with us too! I love it!