Friday, May 26, 2006

Starving for the word

In the past few weeks, Gospel Doctrine has been difficult for me. I've sat in class each week, feeling my frustration mount. We have a very knowledgeable teacher, however, he seems more intent on getting through the lesson and explaining the historical background than discussing the doctrine in any depth or in discussing how this doctrine can apply to our lives. This may sound odd, but everytime we breeze past a point that I am dying to discuss, I have this feeling of being cheated.

This isn't the first unsatisfying Sunday School class I've ever attended, but it is the first time I've ever had these kinds of feelings about it. After pondering this for a while, I think I've finally come up with the reason why.

In the past, I've been fairly active with my personal scripture study. However, for the past year and a half, it has been almost nonexistent. I think that unsatisfying sunday school lessons didn't bother me before, because it wasn't my only source for gospel enrichment. What I didn't get from church, I got on my own. However, since I have let that study time slide, my only scriptual nourishment comes on Sunday. Basically, I am starving myself of the word all week, and when I come to church and find no meat for me, I feel teased and ultimately let down.

So the answer to my frustation is not better sunday school lessons. I am not the only person in the class, and perhaps other members have needs that are being satisfied by the way it is being taught. Instead, the answer is to rededicate myself to my personal study.