Monday, June 05, 2006

The anatomy of a breakup

Spencer and I went to see "The Breakup" this weekend. Wow, talk about bad marketing. All of the ads for this movie have marketed it as a romantic comedy. It isn't! It is a drama with a few comedic elements.

I've read several reviews of the movie, most unfavorable. The problem I see with these reviews is that they are critical of what the movie isn't, rather than seeing what the movie truly is. People expected the Wedding Crashers 2 and were unable to see past that reaction.

This movie is uncomfortable. Often. It is the most honest, straight forward depiction of a break up that I have ever seen. My heart broke for each of the characters, when they did things (albeit to the extreme) that my friends and I have done over and over to posion our own happiness.

As the movie began, I feared it would be just another male bashing, men can do no right and women can do no wrong movie. Instead, it showed how each party can contribute to the misunderstandings, game playing and bad timing that can lead to the end of a once promising relationship.

The actors were engaging. Vince Vaughn showed an intensity that I wouldn't have thought possible. And, although most of the movie takes place when they are in the midst of their breakup, an early montage of pictures during the opening credits was enough to convince me of the chemistry between Jennifer and Vince.

I can't unconditionally recomend the movie because of an excess of cursing and partial nudity. Yet, I am glad that we went to see it.


annegb said...

I grew up hearing my parents calling each other every name in the book, so I don't notice cussing unless it's way overboard or doesn't fit in the sentence.

I would like to see this movie, but it would involve taking a bath, doing my hair, getting dressed, etc. All those hard things I try to avoid.

annegb said...

We thought this movie would be an entertaining comedy. It was neither. Just sad, basically.

annegb said...

You saw a lot more than I did in that movie. We were prepared to laugh and there wasn't anything funny at all.

I couldn't even see the chemistry between them to figure out how they got together in the first place.

Brooke Jean said...

Great post! I appreciated the insight you shared. Thanks!

Brooke Jean